Our School

Krupp-Gymnasium Duisburg is a public grammar school providing secondary education for boys and girls. Our school is located in Rheinhausen, a suburb of Duisburg on the West bank of the Rhine.
We have around 1.000 students, of which about 350 students are in the Sixth Form. Apart from the many German students we have students with different cultural backgrounds at our school originating in more than fifteen countries: e.g. Argentinia; India, Italy, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Hungary …
Currently, we have around 80 teachers and associate staff at the school.


Krupp-Gymnasium Duisburg Europaschule
Flutweg 62
47228 Duisburg
Tel. 0049 / 2065 – 20095
Fax. 0049 / 2065 – 929838
Email: krupp.gymnasium@stadt-duisburg.de

European School

The Ministry of Education has entitled Krupp-Gymnasium “Europaschule” i.e. European School, as we have been integrating international and intercultural objectives and European ideals into our school curriculum for many years. Our central aims are to promote lifelong learning skills and to raise our students’ tolerance and cultural awareness.
The Curriculum
Mathematics, IT, Chemistry, Biology, Physics
History, Politics, Geography, Social Sciences, Economics
Art, Music, Drama
Religious Education, Philosophy
Foreign Languages: English, French, Italian, Latin and Japanese (in cooperation with neighbouring schools)

Extra-Curricular Activities

Krupp-Gymnasium offers a wide range of extra-curricular and after-school activities. Many students participate in these activities which are conducted by all school departments. To name but a few: Sporting Clubs, Choir, Orchestra, Drama Group, FairTrade, European Comenius Project …


Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at Krupp-Gymnasium
Bilingual Learning or Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) means learning in two languages: English and German. Students in bilingual groups have additional English lessons and use English in Geography, History and Social Sciences from year 7 onwards. They can attain a special certificate together with their final graduation (Abitur).